Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Activities Centered Around the Gail Borden Library.

This holiday season it is a return to normalcy around here. There are so many activities around the Elgin area and the Gail Borden Library is the center of many of them. Tom’s Plumbing has been a part of the Elgin landscape for decades helping the area with any and all of its plumbing problems.

Look at just a small portion of what the Gail Borden Library has to offer. There is a magic show on Dec. 21 at 10am. On the second day of winter break there are various craft displays. Don’t miss the exploding snowman on Dec. 23rd. Please make sure that you take in the fabulous light shows around Elgin as well.

Tom’s Plumbing has been an anchor of the Elgin and Northwest Suburban Chicagoland area for many years. They pledge to be there to help you in 2022. What does Tom’s Plumbing do? Well, just visit tomsplumbingservice.com. and see for yourself.

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