Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Plan Your Memorial Day Weekend!

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Memorial Day Events in Elgin - Family events that commemorate the true meaning of 
Memorial Day.

How does a Sewage Ejector Pump work?

We don’t expect you to devote a lot of time thinking about this, but if your sewage ejector pump malfunctions it will become foremost on your mind.  So, let’s get to know what exactly it is ahead of time.  Homes with finished basements need this essential device.  It quite simply picks up where gravity leaves off.

What it does is “lift” waste out of your home through the disposal pipes in your plumbing system.  If you are refinishing your basement in your Elgin area home this spring or summer you need to consult a professional to get the right ejector pump for the job.  The installation of the right pump insures that you won’t experience a sewage backup problem.

The very thought of that is a nightmare!  You need to contact the right plumbing company and have the job done correctly from the very beginning.  For those of us in the Northwest Suburbs around Elgin we can count on Elgin area sewage ejector pump installer Tom’s Plumbing Inc.  Enjoy your finished basement for years to come and give ‘em a call at (847) 697-6444.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Upcoming Events at the Hemmens Cultural Center - Stay in the Know!

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Find upcoming events at the Hemmens Cultural Center - Don't Miss a Thing! 

Time for a Battery Check.

In the Spring we check our smoke alarm batteries.  We may have our car battery checked before summer driving begins.  But wait…when was the last time that you checked the battery back-up in your sump pump system?  It is not necessarily the first thing that you think of, and yet here we are in the heart of the season when it needs to function at its peak.

You definitely don’t want to find out the hard way that your sump pump did not work due to a power failure or because of excessive use.  When you have a battery back-up you will get several hours of additional protection in an emergency.  That might be just the ticket that will save your bacon (and your basement) this spring!

Make sure that you are 100% ready for any Chicagoland weather phenomenon.  Heaven knows what will hit us next.  Have your back-up battery system checked and replaced if needed right away.  In this area that part is easy.  Just call Elgin area sump pump repair and replacement experts Tom’s Plumbing Inc.  Give them a call today at (847) 697-6444.