Friday, March 17, 2017

Have You Checked Your Bibb?

Unless you have little ones around the house what on earth are we talking about here?  No, not the ones that your babies have around their necks, but the ones outside of your home.  A HOSE bib or bibcock is a tap having a nozzle that is bent downward.  Most Chicagoland homes have them as they are used prominently in warmer weather.

So…we have made it (or just about, anyway) through another long winter.  Our World Champion Cubbies start playing next month!  However, you might discover the hard way that, against your plumber’s advice, your hose bibbs have been connected ALL winter without being used.  Guess what?  You could already have a leak and not even know until we get a proper spring thaw.

Let a professional plumber replace those old hose bibbs with new “frost proof” ones.  That way you will never come face to face with this problem again.  A burst pipe can be a disaster.  To help avoid this potential catastrophe call Elgin area plumbing expert Tom’s Plumbing Inc. at (847) 697-6444 right away.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Signs of Sewer Line Problems.

Ahhh Spring - the flowers begin to bloom in Chicagoland and the trees are sprouting their leaves.  While these are wonderful they may have a profound effect on your home’s sewer line.  The major “root” of sewer line problems is an overgrown tree root.  That is not meant to be funny…not when you are up to your knees in backed-up sewage!

I hope that you know this is not a DIY job.  Do not just apply liquid drain cleaner and walk away.  Listen for any gurgling noises - that is a bad sound around your home unless someone is using mouthwash in the bathroom.  If you walk outside and the grass is wet, but it hasn’t rained ask your dog, then assume that you may have a sewage problem.

All in all, your sewage system requires proper maintenance.  This time of year, in Chicagoland, the rains come early and often.  If you live in the Elgin area your plumbing problems always have a solution.  For many years the answer is Elgin, IL plumbing experts Tom’s Plumbing Inc.  At the first sign of sewer problems call Tom’s Plumbing Inc. at (847) 697-6444.