Monday, February 20, 2017

Check Your Sump Pump.

I am sure that you can think of a few thousand things that you would rather do as winter transitions into spring.  One of the most important for the future of your NW Suburban property is to check your sump pump.  If there is blockage or debris caused by winter’s ravages you need to have it serviced so that it is able to drain freely.

When spring rain hits with full force the excess water will create quite a work load for your pump.  Next stop…flooding!  Here is a great idea for 2017 if you haven’t done it already.  Have a battery back-up system installed by a professional.  That way, in the event of a storm the power outage will keep on keepin’ on.

The answer for Elgin area homeowners for decades has been Tom’s Plumbing.  We feature high-efficiency Zoeller brand sump pumps and battery back-up systems.  Google it and see for yourself.  The perfect combination for safety and peace of mind is a Zoeller sump pump with a battery back-up system installed by Elgin’s plumbing company Tom’s Plumbing.  Call (847) 697-6444 today.