Monday, August 31, 2020

Commercial Plumbing Jobs Can Be Quite Different.

Commercial plumbing systems are not just bigger versions of residential ones. These properties have specific considerations that require specialized plumbing services. Hiring the average plumber for one of these jobs will NOT do! You need a licensed commercial plumber for commercial plumbing repairs.

Here are some tips for finding the right one –

  1. First and foremost should be experience.
  2. How readily available are they?
  3. Seek a local company for instant accountability.
  4. Do they stand behind their work.

Tom’s Plumbing of Elgin checks all of the boxes. In the far Northwest suburbs they have literally decades of experience with larger commercial jobs. Find out for yourself by visiting their website at Then call Tom’s Plumbing of Elgin for an honest and fair quote of the work to be done at (847) 697-6444.   

Monday, August 17, 2020

There Could be a Silent Killer in your Home.

Ominous words indeed, especially these days! Gas leaks are almost always related to faulty, misused or improperly installed appliances. Old or broken appliances pose a risk, as do new appliances that were not professionally installed. Faulty or broken pipes and gas lines can cause a leak as well.

Here are some signs of a gas leak at your home or office –


  1. That rotten egg smell we have all heard about…don’t blame the dog!
  2. A hissing or whistling sound coming from an appliance.
  3. Dead grass near a gas line.
  4. An exposed gas line after a storm.

Don’t take any of these signs lightly! Please pick up the phone and call Tom’s Plumbing of Elgin to have your gas lines inspected and repaired or replaced if necessary. It is just one of the many services that Tom’s Plumbing provides in the Far Northwest Suburbs of Chicagoland. Tom’s Plumbing is always there when you need them. Just call (847) 697-6444.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Have you Considered Tankless?

Replacing your ailing water heater with a tankless model is a valuable upgrade for any home in the Elgin, Bartlett, Streamwood, and Dundee area or anywhere around Chicagoland. These units last longer, use less energy, offer endless hot water and can reduce utility bills. That is only the beginning.

Here are some of the previously stated reasons expanded upon –

  1. Energy efficiency…tankless water heaters heat up water ONLY when it is needed.
  2. Lower utility bills…the average household in Elgin can save hundreds of $$$ yearly.
  3. Extended life…on average, they have a shelf-life that is over ten years longer.
  4. Endless hot water…who on earth does not appreciate that!
  5. Space saving…many units are less than half the size of traditional water heaters.

Think of the old adage…pay a little now and save a lot later. If the demise of your current water heater is imminent maybe it is time to consider going tankless. Call Tom’s Plumbing to discuss your options. They have been the home and business owner’s plumbing choice in The Far Northwest Chicago Suburbs for decades. Just call (847) 697-6444.