Thursday, September 15, 2022

My Turn in the Bathroom.

How commonly heard is that phrase in your Far Northwest suburban Chicagoland home? It is heard throughout the homes of millions in America. How do you solve that concern? Adding a new bathroom to your Elgin area home is a great way to address the issue of bathroom time when you only have one or two bathrooms and need more.

Here are just some of the things that the pros at Tom’s Plumbing will consider –

1. Where are all of the existing lines located?

2. Help you look for the exact right place to build.

3. What about ventilation?

This and much more will be considered. When you want a new bathroom in your Elgin area home call the bathroom installation and remodeling professionals at Tom’s Plumbing located in Elgin, IL. It all begins with this phone number (847) 697-6444. Tom’s Plumbing has so many plumbing skills. Visit and find out all the services they have to offer.  

Thursday, September 1, 2022

There are a lot of Spurious “Plumbers” in our Area.

More and more, people purportedly representing legitimate businesses are out to scam you. It is true in all walks of life, but plumbing services “take the cake”! Tom’s Plumbing of Elgin wants you to know how to look out for scams.

Here are a few tips –

1.  Listen carefully to the questions they are asking.


2.  They may try to convince you that the problem is worse than it really is.

3.  Video inspections must be unique…not reruns.

4.  Check their background with things like the BBB.

Tom’s Plumbing, located in Elgin, checks all the boxes. They serve the far Northwest Suburbs of Chicagoland with honesty and integrity. It’s just that simple! If you want your next plumbing job done right AND guaranteed call Tom’s Plumbing of Elgin at (847) 697-6444. See all of the services they provide at 

Monday, August 15, 2022

Your Toilets may not be the only Things You Flush.

Have you thought about your water heater recently? In the Far Northwest Suburbs of Chicagoland, it may be the hardest working appliance in your home. Tom’s Plumbing of Elgin would like to remind their clients to use this time of year to tackle less sought-after tasks. Flushing the water heater may be one of them.

Your home’s water heater –


1.  A fully flushed water heater conserves energy.

2.  It will lower your heating bills when winter comes around.

3.  You won’t wait as long for the water in your shower to get hot.

Pure and simple…when a Tom’s Plumbing’s professional flushes your water heater you will enjoy more efficiency AND save money! Make the call to Tom’s Plumbing of Elgin anytime for any plumbing need at (847) 697-6444. See the many talents of the Tom’s Plumbing pros at