Friday, June 4, 2021

How a Reverse Osmosis System Works.

To understand it, you need to grasp the action that water takes. It’s simple really…water wants to find its equilibrium. For reverse osmosis water filtration, we simply add pressure and create a reverse osmosis. Why should you call us at Tom’s Plumbing to have a reverse osmosis system installed in your Elgin area home or office?

Here is what typically happens –

1.  The water from the city enters your home.

2.  Then it goes into the carbon sediment pre-filter.

3.  The processed water moves to the storage tank and leftover water with dissolved solids drains away.

Let us show you all of the benefits of a reverse osmosis water system. Enjoy the taste and the benefits of clean, fresh water. We are Tom’s Plumbing, an Elgin area fixture for a long time. For any plumbing needs, be it an emergency or maintenance, give us a call at (847) 697-6444. See our full story at

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