Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Springtime Does NOT Mean NO Plumbing Problems.

You may need a professional plumber in Elgin and the surrounding area even in springtime because there are unique issues that may arise with your plumbing system. There is no question that spring’s temperate weather can provide welcome relief from the cloudy skies, slick roads, and the freezing temperatures of wintertime in Chicagoland.

Here are some common springtime plumbing problems –


1.  It is a common sight around here for gutters to become clogged in the spring.

2.  Steady drops in water pressure can result from a number of things.

3.  Sewer lines could become obstructed.

4.  Your property has to drain properly to prevent water from setting around the foundation.

These are just some of the many outdoor plumbing problems that may be unique to the spring thaw around here. To fix any and all plumbing emergencies call your Elgin plumber Tom’s Plumbing. They have been repairing and maintaining Elgin area plumbing for decades. See all of their services at and call anytime at (847) 697-6444.

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