Monday, November 2, 2020

Cool, Clear, Water.

It is one of life’s absolute essentials. Various tests have found that a third of American water supplies contain lead and 75% contain chromium-6...not good! People are unwittingly consuming these dangerous compounds every day. Well water, like public water supplies, is also susceptible to contamination from urban and farm runoff and seepage.

There are several different types of water filters –

1.  Pitcher filters…they only eliminate a small number of contaminants


2.  Faucet filters…make sure they are eliminating the things that you want

3.  Countertop filters…they don’t take up space under your sink

4.  Undersink filters…it makes sense when counter space is in short supply

5.  Reverse osmosis…very effective…allow us to tell you more

Reverse osmosis systems in the Elgin area are installed by the professionals of Tom’s Plumbing. We believe in them and stand by them. Let us give you the details of reverse osmosis water filtration by calling (847) 697-6444 and see everything we do when you take a look at

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