Monday, November 16, 2020

A Gas Leak is a Really Big Deal.

The danger occurs when gas begins to leak out into your common living area. Why is it dangerous? Because gas is flammable…that is why! If there is any flame, or even a spark near the leak it could cause a destructive and even a deadly fire. There may even be a resulting explosion in your home or business.

Here is what to look (sniff) for –


1.  You notice dead or dying plants.

2.  You may hear a hissing sound near gas pipes.

3.  There is a noticeable smell of rotten eggs.

4.  There may actually be a white fog surrounding your property.

Please take immediate action! You should never, never, let the smell of gas go unattended. Please immediately call the gas leak repair professionals at Tom’s Plumbing. The pros at Tom’s Plumbing will come to your Elgin area home or business and fix the gas leak once and for all. Google and always call (847) 697-6444.

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