Monday, May 18, 2020

Getting to the Root of the Problem.

You may be dreaming of a comfortable yard in the Elgin area filled with mature shade trees in the summer and a show of foliage in the fall?  Trees are a beautiful addition to your home’s landscape, but as with many things in life, having trees comes with a price…in this case, tree roots that may clog your drains.

Here are some signs of roots clogging drain or sewer lines-

1.  Frequent clogs in your toilets and sinks
2.  Sounds of gurgling
3.  Water drains slowly
4.  Lower water pressure

The solution?  Have your drains and/or sewer line checked for runaway tree roots clogging up the lines.  If it is left unchecked the results will be disastrous!  One of very best drain cleaning and sewer inspection companies in Chicagoland is right here in Elgin.  That’s Tom’s Plumbing.  Call them at any of the first signs listed above.  Tom’s Plumbing at (847) 697-6444.

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