Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What is Re-Piping?

It is NOT filling up grandpa’s Meerschaum!  It has everything to do with the continued safety and efficiency of your home’s plumbing system.  Re-piping means replacing the plumbing systems (water supply, drains or gas). This replacement process is referred to as a “repipe” or "repiping”.

As brutally cold weather descends on Chicagoland your pipes will be vulnerable to the extreme cold.  We are experienced on how to lay out the job, order parts, install, and inspect the re-piping process. We have expert patching crews in house.  The important message here is…DO NOT wait until it is too late!

Freezing pipes will bring your household to a standstill.  Before that happens call Tom’s Plumbing Inc. to inspect your home’s piping system.  This way you will have some certainty as to what you may be facing during the months ahead.  I know this is a busy time of year, but include a call to Tom’s in your holiday plans at (847) 697-6444.

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