Thursday, October 1, 2020

Don’t Get Hosed!

At least not by your washing machine or dryer, anyway. How often should those hoses be replaced? Have you even ever thought about it? The general answer is once every five years. When it is done it is also important to replace those old rubber hoses with state-of-the-art stainless steel braided hoses.

Here is an inescapable truth…burst laundry room hoses can cause flooding throughout your Elgin area home and result in severe water damage! The most common cause of failure is that the old rubber hoses lose their flexibility over time and are subject to cracks, leaks, bubbling, and bursting.

Eventually, the water pressure will break the hose or the connection forcing water out at full pressure. Please call us before disaster strikes. If you live in the Far Northwest Suburbs around Elgin, you can always count on Tom’s Plumbing for maintenance and plumbing emergencies. We are found on the web at Call anytime (847) 697-6444.     

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