Thursday, March 1, 2018

Don’t Ignore a Backed-Up Drain.

Okay, we have nearly made it through this ridiculous winter weather.  It does not mean you can exhale when it comes to your plumbing.  We are all human, and we may ignore plumbing problems when they are in their infancy.  The danger in that is, one day you look down and your basement or laundry room is an indoor swamp!

Just because you think you may be out of the “plumbing emergency woods” now that spring is right around the corner, ask yourself…when was the last time I had my hoses checked?  How about the shut-off valves?  Did they get frozen over the winter?  The laundry room especially is the greatest ignored area of your home, probably.

Why not call Tom’s Plumbing Inc.?  They will come out to your Elgin area home and inspect all of the water lines…both hot and cold.  There is nothing more satisfying than peace of mind.  By the way, since we are already there, have the water heater checked.  We are Tom’s Plumbing Inc. serving the Northwest Suburbs of Chicagoland for decades.  Call (847) 697-6444.

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