Thursday, February 1, 2018

Is it Getting Colder in there?

Whether it is your home, or your employees are complaining it may be getting colder INSIDE as it stays cold outside.  That should NOT be the case!  Are you having thermostat issues in your home or office?  The idea here is to avoid an emergency.  Please get your boilers and radiators checked before it advances to that point.

Some things to look for –

1.  Any leaks around your boiler
2.  The pilot light won’t ignite or stay lit.
3.  The thermostat is not working as well as it did.
4.  Low water level in your boilers.
5.  Noise, that will tell you a great deal.

The answer, before an emergency arises in your home or office is to call a pro.  The Northwest Suburban team of boiler repair and troubleshooting professionals are at Tom’s Plumbing Inc. serving Elgin and the surrounding area.  Winter has long way to go.  Why not stay comfortable?  Call Mike and his team today at (847) 697-6444.

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