Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Plumbing Scams are Prevalent.

Especially among our senior citizen population in Chicagoland, people will try to take advantage of an opportunity to prey on the uninformed.  It comes in many fashions…get rich schemes, retirement investments, IRS prank calls (have you gotten one of those?), etc.  Even plumbing scams are rampant…especially in the winter.

We want you to be aware of –

1.      Leading questions to determine if you live alone
2.      Telling you that your plumbing problems are worse than they really are
3.      Attempting to sell unnecessary sewer repairs

Please read the page entitled “Avoid Scams” on the website  It is a real eye-opener!  We at Tom’s Plumbing want you to be knowledgeable about problems that may occur with your plumbing.  We hope that these tidbits of information will help.  When you truly need an honest and reliable plumber in the Elgin area call us at (847) 697-6444.

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